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Dress Code

Meet DRESS CODE by Susan Graf, the wardrobe staples every woman longs for. She reaches for them daily, loves wearing them all year round, washes them with ease, and knows they travel as well as she does. The perfect LBD, the pants (Techno Pants!) that she’d wear every day if she could, and other items that are the foundation of her closet.

Each DRESS CODE by Susan Graf item is designed by Susan and manufactured in America using the very best materials and tailors.
"I love their pants. I have bought several pairs (the Techno Pants, Susan Graf, and Bogner.) They really fit my shape and leg length. Amazing! And most of them are washable. I found the first few pants on sale and thought I would never buy them at full price, but now I really would make the investment, because they are that good and do not seem to wear. They all look as wonderful as the day I purchased them. I am getting all my personal shopping clients into the Techno Pants and amazing Susan Graf design dresses for their basic wardrobe pieces. I even bought my husband a sweater that he loves and appreciates the quality."Denise, San Mateo