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Techno Pants

Undaunted after scouring the fashion markets for her idea of the perfect essential woman’s pant, Susan began a collaborative effort with Bogner designer, Daniela Pörner, to create her exclusive Techno Pant. Sleek and modern with a minimalist presence, it has become a Susan Graf Limited staple around which every wardrobe revolves. Simply put, it is the LBD (little black dress) of trousers; iconic, classic and a Susan Graf worldwide exclusive.

"I play golf in my Techno Pants, change my shoes, and go out to dinner." – Susan Graf
Women’s flat front, side zip, ankle pant (Susan is a true believer that if you show a little ankle, you’ll look taller and thinner.) Sizes 4 – 18, in brown, ecru, taupe, navy and black. They look equally good with flats and heels. Washable! You won’t be paying your dry cleaner for this wardrobe staple. They are perfect for all you traveling ladies – they do not wrinkle! You’ll look as great disembarking from a ten hour flight as you did when you boarded.

Cost is $450, but consider that Susan still wears a pair that’s twelve years old.